Why We Do It


The Child Protection Foundation was established in 2007 by Bruce and Kerry Fozzard, a married couple with children of their own, living in Sydney. They had first-hand experience of child abuse in the late 1990’s when they discovered that a child they knew well was being seriously abused.

The child’s shattered family received very little support from “the
system”. They struggled through the emotional cauldron
that child abuse creates, feeling powerless and alone.

After seeing the agony this family endured, Bruce and Kerry decided to empower parents and children by doing something to make a real difference in the fight against child abuse. They took a stand and began the painstaking process of establishing and registering The Child Protection Foundation.

As directors of the Foundation, Bruce and Kerry have vowed to:

  • Spread their message about child abuse throughout the community.
  • Alert children to the dangers they can face at any time – from family
    members and friends to strangers.
  • Assist families who must endure the unbelievably traumatic effects of
    child abuse.