What We Do


The Child Protection Foundation provides education and information services to:

  • Alert Children and adults to the real dangers of child abuse
  • Show children how to defend themselves in dangerous situations

Child abuse comes in many different forms: physical, sexual, psychological and emotional. It is a nationwide problem that our civilised society can no longer sweep under the carpet.The statistics of child abuse in Australia are horrific, in 2015/16 there were more than 45,000* substantiated cases of child abuse in Australia

The time has come for Australians to take a stand and say no more – enough is enough.  One of the most effective ways to mobilise against child abuse is education.


By educating the community we can all gain a better understanding of child abuse and the way this despicable behaviour disrupts and destroys innocent young lives.More importantly, understanding the sinister behaviour of predators allows us to identify the tell-tale signs that generally indicate a child is in trouble, and intervene before it’s too late.

The Child Protection Foundation has a charter to spread basic understanding of child abuse throughout schools and local communities – getting the information out effectively, where it is needed most.

We work closely with psychologists and other professionals in the health and welfare sector to develop our range of educational material that provides assistance for children, adults and families. Our children are our future. No child should be allowed to live in an abusive environment. We all must share the responsibility to protect and defend today’s young generation so they can grow up without the traumatic scars of child abuse.